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Polyurethane Foam

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Our polyurethane plates are manufactured through a rigorous foaming process. Products obtained are excellent thermal insulators with high mechanical properties, high rigidity, meeting the standards for NBR 11726 insulation test for rigid polyurethane foam. The plates are cut according to customer´s request and may be frizzed for better distribution and anchoring of the adhesive.

Details :

  • Sizes available
  • Thickness: up to 0.6 meter
  • Width: up to 1.0 meter
  • Length: up to 2.6 meters

Other lengths and thicknesses can be produced on demand.

  • Raw Material Used - Polyurethane foam
  • Special Features :Rigid uniform structure with 95% dimensional stability, density of 40 kg/m3, very low thermal conductivity, excellent water repellent.
  • Applications - Polyurethane plates are used in thermal insulation of refrigerators, containers, trucks, wagons, tanks, heaters, etc. To manufacture partition panels, flooring and hole-proof floating structures for boats and flotation devices, components for cars, buses, trains, planes, etc
  • Technical specification - NBR, ISO and ASTM tested. Our rigid polyurethane plates have uniform molecular structure, exhibit low friability, low water absorption factor, high structural capacity, dimensional stability and are flame retardant and have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity.
  • Industries where this product is used - Construction, truck body, special vehicles and boat industries.
  • Colors & packaging available - Usually light green or yellow. Other colors are possible on demand. Packed in protection film.